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Australia offers a great opportunity for international students to achieve their academic and professional goals. Learn more about studying in Australia today.

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Why Study in Australia?

Australia is regarded as a modern democratic nation with world-class healthcare and educational institutions set in a distinctive environment. It is the third most popular country in the world, making it an appealing destination for students to study in Australia due to its reputation for providing a safe environment with a high quality of life. The country's vibrant lifestyle, welcoming culture, and exceptional educational opportunities have captivated students from all over the world.

Australia's education system provides a diverse selection of courses, great post-study work opportunities, and outstanding instruction, making it a popular destination for Indian students. When students choose to study in Australia, they have access to globally recognized degrees, extensive financial possibilities, and teaching from some of the world's most qualified educators, thanks to the country's 1,100 universities and institutes and 22,000 courses.

Top courses to study in Australia

Here’s a list of top courses that international students opt to pursue in Australia for higher education:

  • Engineering
  • Business Analytics
  • MBA (Masters of Business Administration)
  • Life Sciences
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Social Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Under Graduate study in Australia

    We have provided a step by step guide on applying for admission to Australian universities for bachelor's degrees.

  • First, decide which bachelor degrees in Australia you wish to pursue and find out the finest universities that offer those programs.
  • Visit the official website and Collect all of the necessary documentation for admission, including eligibility and test scores.
  • Fill out the application form for the university of your choice and pay the application fees.
  • Before the application deadline, provide all scanned document copies, such as transcripts, ELP test results, etc.
  • You can book your place at the university after you obtain a conditional letter.
  • Pay the university deposit fees by accepting all of the university's terms and services. Apply for a student visa as soon as possible.
  • Which are the highly opted Bachelor degree in Australia for international students?
  • B.Sc in Biomedical Engineering
  • B.Sc in Earth Sciences
  • B.Sc in Psychology
  • BA in Tourism and hospitality management
  • Post Graduation Study in Australia

    The aim of the degree is to create a theoretical basis. Exams are used to make assessments. Following are some well-known courses or taught degrees, along with duration of courses:

    Sr. No.Post-graduate qualification by courseworkDuration
    1Graduate Certificate6 months to 14 months
    2Graduate Diploma6 months to 14 months
    3Master’s Degree (by Coursework)1 year to 2 years
    4Master’s Degree (Extended)1 year to 2 years
    5DoctorateUp to 4 years
    Research degrees
    Sr. No.Postgraduate qualifications by researchDuration
    1Master’s degree (by research)2 years
    2Research Doctorate (PhD)6 Up to 4 years

    The qualifying requirements vary according on your country, the sort of university you are attending, and the study program you have chosen. The paperwork needed also varies depending on the academic level of the course you want to enroll in. For a doctorate, the amount of paperwork needed is, for example, far higher than for a master's program.

    Most commonly, to pursue a postgraduate degree in Australia, you’ll need:

  • A bachelor’s degree in your desired study area (recognized by the Australian education system)
  • Academic transcripts as proof of grades
  • Proof of English-language proficiency such as your IELTS scores
  • Personal identification documents
  • Letter of Motivation along with relevant references
  • Work experience, if any
  • Top Universities to study in Australia

    Sr.No.UniversitiesQS Ranking 2023 (Globally)QS Ranking 2022 (Globally)
    1The Australian National University3027
    2The University of Melbourne3337
    3The University of Sydney4138
    4The University of New South Wales4543
    5The University of Queensland5047

    Scholarships to study in Australia

    Here are some popular scholarship programs you can apply to study in Australia as an Indian student: of the scholarshipDescription
    1Australian Government Research and Training Program (AGRTP)
  • Funded by the Australian Government, it covers a student’s tuition fee and health insurance for up to three years.
  • Supports a student’s (local and international) Research Doctorate and Research Master’s degree.
  • 2Australia Awards
  • Funded by the Department of Education and the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) and the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT).
  • Aims to provide students from developing regions an opportunity to pursue their UG/PG program at participating universities in Australia and Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutions.
  • 3Destination AustraliaThis scholarship aims to encourage international students to study in regional Australia to regionally develop tertiary education providers in Australia and provide a learning experience to its students.
    4John Allwright Fellowship (JAF)Provides scientists from partner countries engaged in the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) research projects with the opportunity to obtain postgraduate qualifications at Australian tertiary institutions.

    Intakes in Australia

    Rather than just one primary intake, Australian universities often have two. Additionally, some colleges refer to new students as "semesters" There are two entrance choices available in Australia:

  • Semester 1: Starts late February/early March to late May/early June.
  • Semester 2: Starts late July/early August through to November.
  • Cost of studying in Australia

    Tuition expenses are determined by the sort of degree you pursue and the institution or school you attend. Veterinary and medical degrees, for example, may be much more expensive than other degrees. Tuition costs at Australian tertiary schools range between AUD 20,000 and AUD 30,000 per year on average.

    Sr. No.Study ProgramAverage fees in AUD*
    1School$7,800 to $30,000 annually
    2English language studies$350-450 weekly (varies as per course length)
    3Vocational Education and Training (Certificates I to IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma)$4000 - $22,000 annually
    4Undergraduate Bachelor’s degree$15,000 - $35,000 annually
    5Postgraduate Master’s Degree$20,000 - $42,000 annually
    6Doctoral Degree$20,000 - $42,000 annually (attractive scholarships up to 100% available with living grants on meeting the university requirements)

    Cost of living in Australia

    Australia does exceptionally well in terms of GDP and education, as seen by its ranking in the top ten nations in both the Human Development Index and the Quality of Life Index for 2022. This rating, together with the nation's high income levels, shows that it has a good healthcare system, a stable political environment, and a high degree of knowledge of health related issues. Would you like to study in Australia as it is such a great country with a fabulous environment?

    Sr. No.Living expensesWeekly budget (indicative)
    1Groceries and eating out$140 to $280
    2Gas, electricity$10 to $20
    3Phone and Internet$15 to $30
    4Public transport$30 to $60
    5Car (after purchase)$150 to $260
    6Entertainment$80 to $150

    You should also consider these common expenses when creating your budget:

    Overseas Student Health Cover

    Overseas Student Health Coverage is necessary for international students who move to Australia to study in Australia (OSHC). This health insurance must be valid and operational for the duration of their stay in Australia. If any family members accompany the student, they must have adequate health insurance as well.

    OSHC is a required component of the student visa application procedure and must be supplied as part of the required paperwork. In addition to being necessary, OSHC is extremely beneficial because it covers a wide variety of medical expenditures.

    The Australian healthcare system is strong, but it may be costly. Purchasing OSHC is thus a sensible financial option. OSHC is available from a variety of insurance companies, with fees ranging from $450 to $600 depending on the plan chosen.

    Visa requirements for Students to study in Australia

    The type of visa required will vary depending on the level of education, the program of study in Australia and duration of the course. Regardless of the university applied to, tuition fees, or field of study, international students must obtain a student (subclass 500) visa.

    Since July 1, 2016, this visa has allowed foreign students to stay in Australia for the length of their academic program, usually up to five years after the date of enrollment. validity of your visa and abiding by the rules laid forth on your student visa are crucial for a trouble-free stay. Please contact the Department of Immigration of the Australian Government for further details on this kind of visa.

    To study in Australia can be an enriching experience due to its high-quality education system, diverse range of courses, and excellent post study work opportunities. Australia's stunning geography, warm culture, and exceptional educational facilities make it one of the most desirable destinations among international students.

    However, it is important to remember that moving to a new country comes with certain requirements, such as having Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) and obtaining the correct student visa. It is also essential to be aware of the costs involved, such as tuition fees and living expenses.

    At Maxxcell, we offer comprehensive guidance and support to international students who wish to pursue their education in Australia. From selecting the right course to obtaining the correct visa, our team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about our services and start your journey towards a bright future in Australia!